Monograno Felicetti Matt Penne Ritorte

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  • This resilient and rich variety of wheat is at its best when farmed in the sunny fields of Apulia, before being perfected by our master pasta makers. When Matt pasta cooks, it releases a summery bouquet of hay, desiccated coconut and stretched curd. Its ancient taste reminds of stone cooked bread, butter and bamboo shoots.

    The appeal of Penne Ritorte lies in the eye-catching, sinuous lines drawn by their subtle ridges, but it is their distinct, rustic taste of wheat that is truly unforgettable. A very versatile shape that will suit every kind of sauce.

    From Felicetti: 

    Monograno represents the quintessence of our production. It is made with organic semolina sourced by a single origin and grown only on carefully selected pieces of land, to communicate the distinct character and the truth of these simple, but fragile ingredients. Our Matt wheat is produced in Puglia, and retains the warmth and primordial zeal of its homeland; Kamut® Khorasan, ancient and modern at the same time, comes from a land far away: the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Our Farro (emmer) is rustic and sincere, just like Umbria, where it grows; last but not least, our “newcomer” from Murgia: “Il Cappelli” durum wheat is an unmistakably Italian and vigorous cultivar, straightforward and rewarding.

    Monograno is infused with our passion and devotion: the last brushstroke, the final touch that transforms each forkful of this pasta into a tale of its origins and the people who created it. Monograno’s authentic panoply of aromas, flavors, textures, and exceptional responsiveness to ingredients and preparation techniques are an endless source of inspiration, the key to a universe of possibilities, small fragments of happiness in our daily lives.